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Louis riel is a historical biography in comics by canadian cartoonist chester brown published as a book in 2003 after serializion in 19992003 the story deals with mtis rebel leader louis riel s antagonistic relationship with the newly established canadian government chester browns louis riel a comic strip biography is an interesting historical novel about louise riel a 19th century canadian politician who helped found the province of manitoba advocated for the rights of the metis an aboriginal group descended from first nation peoples and europeans and who led armed revolts against the canadian louis riel is the biography of a c the problem is that the leading work in the genre larry gonicks many volumed cartoon history of the universe is so outrageously good that it is hard for anyone else to competelouis riel a comic strip biography is yet another landmark work by chester brown an artist considered to be one of the greatest cartoonists living today not overly intellectualized yet dense with detail the book is a wonderful combination of factual resources and powerful art and storytellingchester brown louis riel a comic strip biography montreal drawn and quarterly 2006 260 p chester browns louis riel a comic strip biography is a self reexive por trayal of the subtle human relations that create legal and historical events in this case a narrative of the red river rebellion and the metis resistance to canadian incursion on their territory with an emphasis on

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