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Melanoma prevention detection and treatment where we stand where were headed allan c halpern md editor in chief chief dermatology service memorial sloan kettering cancer center new york cityyale university press published her first book on melanoma melanoma prevention detection and treatment in 1998 and a revision in 2005 her third book on the topic melanoma not just skin cancer is meant to serve as an alternative to the more common prevention oriented literature with cutting edge reports on new treatments and procedures welcome to summit medical groups community lecture on melanoma prevention detection and treatment my name is dr stephanie badalamenti i look forward to tonights conversation speaking with you all about the topic of melanoma im sure many of use have been touch by melanoma either personally through family members or friends others may just have read or hear about melanoma in news and all get information on melanoma skin cancer signs diagnosis treatment prognosis and symptoms learn about staging early detection treatment side effects prevention metastatic melanoma and see pictures of this form of skin cancer discover what melanoma in situ is and how it is diagnosed and treatedduration 1 hour for lecture with a 30 minute q and a description sun safety needs to start at an early age in order to reduce the risk for skin cancer in this lecture you will learn about prevention diagnosis sun safety tips and new treatments for skin cancer to help you and your family reduce your risk

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