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If youre looking for how to read the bible here is a 6 step beginners guide to help you get the most out of your time with gods wordhow to read the bible for better understanding the bible is its own best teacher the bible however is not arranged like an encyclopedia you cannot go to chapter 1 and read everything about god and go to chapter 2 to read everything about jesus etc remember when reading the bible the verses and chapter breaks are placed in the scriptures by how to read the bible a guide to scripture then and now james l kugel on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers as soon as it appeared how to read the bible was recognized as a masterwork awesome thrilling the new york times learn how to read the bible slowly if you have the time to sit and read the bible for hours on end thats great most people dont though most people read just a little bit at a time and actually prefer it this way and if youre just starting out learning how to read the bible as a beginner thats what i would recommend for you how to read the bible the book of psalms the book of psalms the book of psalms is the largest collection of poetry in the bible in this video well explore the design shape and main themes of this marvelous book which was crafted to be read from beginning to end the psalms are an invitation to a literary temple where you can meet with god

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